Sert’s Building

A building for Joan Miró’s work and contemporary art

The Fundació Joan Miró building was designed by architect and city planner Josep Lluís Sert, who was a close friend of Joan Miró and an exponent of avant-garde architecture in Catalonia.

With a rationalist structure and Mediterranean features -a central courtyard, roof terrace, and skylights- the Fundació Joan Miró building is undoubtedly one of Barcelona’s rationalist landmarks. But above all it is a work of art by two unique artists and one of the city’s cultural icons, a fusion of art, architecture and landscape.

In 1988 and 2000 the building was enlarged to make room for new services and increase the exhibition space. The extensions were overseen by Sert’s friend and pupil Jaume Freixa, who was the President of the Fundació (2009 - 2019).