Consell Miró 2025

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Fundació Joan Miró in 2025 is a major landmark in the foundation's history and an opportunity to advance towards the future. With this in prospect and in keeping with the institution's strategy, the foundation has set up the Consell Miró 2025, a new category of support aimed at individuals, foundations and companies, who become patrons with a view to fulfilling the challenges leading up to 2025.

Central to the foundation's goals are, among others, the visitor experience, a transformative programme, raising the Fundació Joan Miró's standing around the world and a series of investments to improve the building and the display and conservation of the collection.

Members of the Consell Miró:

  • Successió Miró. Representative on the council: Joan Punyet Miró and Lola Fernández Jiménez
  • Fundació Puig. Representative on the council: Manuel Puig, Patron.
  • Fundació Sorigué. Representative on the council: Ana Vallés, President.
  • InStore Media. Representative on the council: Pablo Vilá, President.


Development Department
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