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If More Attention Were Paid to Female Thought

In the framework of the exhibition You Don’t Hear Me by Nalini Malani, recently nominated for the Global Fine Arts Award 2020, the Fundació Joan Miró wants to expand the thought and the social and political sensitivity of the artist to our current context.

The biographies that follow, adapted by the editor and writer Francisco Llorca, correspond to women or groups that, through their commitment or activism, have contributed to creating awareness in other people, communities or society.

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The Language of the Invisible

In the midst of uncertainty, myths allow us to delve into the incomprehensible, put time on hold, observe the world from a new perspective and, from that timelessness, try to give shape to the invisible. In this post, on the occasion of the Fundació Joan Miró’s reopening and the presentation of the Nalini Malani exhibition to the public, artist and storyteller Michael Gadish brings us to the concept of the myth via the Indian tradition. Gadish combines research on Sanskrit and Hebrew, mythology, religion, and art and, since 2015, has been organizing performances focused on the sacred writings of India.

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