A Sea of Objects

Cyanotype is a technique whereby the shape of an object is captured using its silhouette. This is done by placing the object on emulsion-coated paper under strong light. In A sea of objects, we will play with the objects, combine them, place them under the sun and watch as the images gradually appear, looking as if they are swimming against the cyan blue background.

But before this, we will observe Joan Miró's sculptures on the museum terrace; these were also created by combining various things: everyday objects and natural elements that the artist found on his walks in the country or along the beach.

In a similar fashion, we will take a walk through the gardens surrounding the museum to collect the elements we need to make our own personal creations.

Activity designed and led by CLICme




2 h - 3 h


Exhibition rooms and Espai Taller


By prior request

Maximum group size

Maximum group size 20 people


Apropa Minimum Price 25€ per group
Apropa Concessions Rate 50€ per group


Booking: www.apropacultura.cat

Activity in Catalan or Spanish

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