We live in a predominantly visual culture, in which the way we learn is almost always through the sense of sight. Seldom are we capable of describing the world around us through sound.

ssssonoritiessss is an artistic offering from Laura Llaneli which revolves around sound, to be specific, the sounds that form part of everyday life. Based on a number of listening exercises, participants will turn their day-to-day actions into sound experiences, from which they will gain a totally different view of the world.

This project, which will last six months, comprises a series of artistic interventions. It is conceived as an open and participatory process that will develop freely, ending with an exhibition at the Fundació Joan Miró in the form of installation and performance.

ssssonoritiessss is a project in collaboration with two occupational centres* managed by ASPROSEAT. Its main objective is to foster well-being and contribute to the integration of those taking part by means of a transformative, high-quality contemporary art project. It also seeks to show the Foundation's commitment to working towards a fairer and more equal society and to engaging the participation of visitors.


Project: October 2019- June 2020

Exibition: 8 – 23 february

Performances: 7 and 8 february at 12.30 pm

In collaboration with:

  • Art for change la Caixa

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