Joan Miró. Sculpture and object

Joan Miró. Sculpture and object provides an insight into Miró's sculpture by means of a commentary and direct tactile observation of certain pieces that have been specially selected for this activity (according to conservation criteria). A case of materials completes the sensory experience.

The starting point for a great many of Miró's sculptures can be found in the everyday objects and natural elements that he accumulated in his workshop, which he later combined and transformed into pieces of bronze. On other occasions, however, he sculpted them directly with clay, incorporating other materials (such as marble, synthetic resin and ceramics, among others).

Activity conceived by Mònica Surís


Guided tour for the visually impaired


2 hours


Exhibition rooms


By prior request

Maximum group size

Maximum of 20 people


Apropa minimum price: €15 per group
Apropa concessions rate: €40 per group


It is necessary to reserve in advance through: reserves(ELIMINAR)

Activity for visually impaired groups