Latent voices

Nalini Malani focuses her attention on silenced female voices, the voices of women that go unheard. She announces this loud and clear with the title of her exhibition You Don't Hear Me.

Latent Voices is a project that seeks to lend a voice to the women taking part. They are women who have recently arrived in Catalonia, and through the language classes they receive at the Intercultural Association Diàlegs de Dona, little by little they are able to make themselves understood and to communicate. Thus a knowledge of the language opens the door to integration and participation in our society.  

In the same way, Latent Voices aims to serve as a vehicle of expression - in this case through image - of the desires and concerns of these women.

The participants in the project will explore a wide range of photographic techniques (such as cyanotype, photograms, the use of acetates, photo collage and retroprojections) with a view to developing their expressive and creative skills both individually and as a group.

Latent Voices also seeks to empower the women, to create a network and ties grounded in diversity, and to foster interculturality.

A project conceived and led by CLICme

With the participation of Diàlegs de Dona

Online resources

Online resources

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