Music for 18 Things

Music for 18 Things, a concert by artist Luiz Simoes


In this piece, artist Luiz Simoes, neither a musician nor a luthier, has chosen to compose music and play it with unconventional instruments of his own making, thus questioning our need to classify ourselves.

Ernesto Vargas / Iago Rodríguez, Basuróphonos basso
Marta Pons / Ivan Lorenzana, Basuróphonos mezzo
Mar Medinyà / Eloi Olivencia, Basuróphonos da gamba
Marta Bellés / Venus Villa, Tubóphonos basso and barítono
Diego Caicedo, Violoca
Octavio Beltrán, Vidriáphono
Ilona Schneider, Voice
Oscar Duran, Maracalata
Lucía Fumero, Cutrecordio
Luiz Simoes, The Wheel, Tormentophone, my heart, the hammer and voice

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Fundació Joan Miró Auditorium


Saturday 16 November 2019 at 6 pm


Free activity for ticket holders to the exhibition


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