Per amor a les arts

For the second year running, the Fundació Joan Miró will be participating in the Per amor a les arts series, featuring films related to its programming. Led by Filmoteca de Catalunya and MNAC, the series aims to establish a dialogue between film and other art forms, and is also supported by other cultural institutions in Barcelona.

Walter Ruttmann, double feature: Berlin, Symphony of a Great City (1927), 65 minutes / Weekend (1930), 11 minutes.

Berlin, Symphony of a Great City is a documentary based on one day in Berlin, inspired by Constructivism. According to Ruttmann, it is "a symphonic film about the great energy contained in the life of a big city."

One year after the appearance of sound film, Ruttmann produced Weekend, a short with sound but no image - an innovative piece for its time which provides an acoustic description of a weekend in Berlin.

Presented by Sound Art? curator Arnau Horta

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Sound Art?


Filmoteca de Catalunya


10 December 2019, at 5 pm


€ 4

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