Draw and make your own herbarium – Special Christmas

Postponed activity

We will explore nature and put together a herbarium made of natural elements and our own drawings.

An activity designed and led by Inés Calveiro, illustrator and graphic designer

Nature was always at the root of Miró's creative quest, and it was also a key element in the Fundació's conception. In this workshop, we will observe the beauty of nature and create our own plant collection with paint, drawing and paper collage.

In this edition, the result of the workshop will be transformed into a Christmas card to send your holidays greetings  or into a New Year's good wishes card (Wednesday, 30 December).

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1 h


Espai Taller, Fundació Joan Miró


Monday 28 December and Wednesday 30 December 2020
At 11 am and 12.30 pm


Workshop ticket + museum visit (€7 general admission, €6 Family Card),

Activity for all ages


Online tickets. Prior reservation