The Barcelona GATCPAC. A Tour of Avant-Garde Architecture

GATCPAC in Barcelona. A Tour of Avant-Garde Architecture is an itinerary through Sant Gervasi that allows viewers to discover the development of architecture throughout the twentieth century and set it against the backdrop of the key events that unfolded on the political, social, cultural and artistic fronts in Barcelona.

The close collaboration between GATCPAC (Grup d'Arquitectes i Tècnics Catalans per al Progrés de l'Arquitectura Contemporània [Group of Catalan Architects and Technicians for the Progress of Contemporary Architecture]) and ADLAN (Amics de l'Art Nou [Friends of New Art]) led to an understanding of modernity linked to Rationalism in architecture and Surrealism in visual arts, and is also at the very origin of the Fundació Joan Miró. In fact, Josep Lluís Sert, one of GATCPAC's leading members and the architect of the Fundació building, was also a member of ADLAN.

Ever since the mid-nineteenth century, Sant Gervasi has been a well-to-do neighbourhood in the city. The opening of the Barcelona-Sarrià railroad line in 1863 led the bourgeois families living downtown to build their summer homes with gardens in this area.

Later on, well into the twentieth century, members of those families' younger generations, many of whom were independent professionals (doctors, engineers, architects, etc.) moved into the neighbourhood permanently. These young people included a large part of the members of GATCPAC who set out to introduce modern architecture into Catalonia, such as Josep Lluís Sert and Germán Rodríguez Arias.

Many of the modern residential projects that they built during the 1930s, such as Casa López on Carrer Muntaner or Casa Rodríguez Arias on Via Augusta, are located in Sant Gervasi.

Offered as part of Architecture Week in conjunction with the exhibition Miró-ADLAN. An Archive of Modernity (1932-1936).

Designed and led by El globus vermell

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2 h


Neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi. Meeting point: Plaça Molina (Joan Maragall monument)


Sunday, 16 May 2021 at 11 am




€10 / person
Friends of the Fundació: €5 / person


Advance reservation required

Activity in Catalan or Spanish.