APROPOS Shared Studios

Conversations with Artists

From 19 July onward, follow @grafagenda to find out about the experiences of several artists who share studio spaces in Barcelona. 

For the Shared Studios. Three Case Studies exhibition, in September, Dràcul·la will publish an article in GRAF with conversations between these artists.

Apropos are contents made about something that happens in our artistic context. This second publication of Apropos is developed in collaboration between the Fundació Joan Miró, Dràcul·la and Graf, in the context of the exhibition 'Shared studios'. For this proposal, a meeting was organised to expand the cases of study presented in the exhibition, including different shared artists' workshops in Barcelona. The participants were people from the projects Halfhouse, Sociedad 0, La Peñuki, FOC, Malpaís, Estructuras 3000, Salamina, Dràcul·la, Perú 230, Yukidama Visits, Cabaret Internet and La Escocesa.

GRAF.cat is a platform that reports on contemporary art programming in Catalonia.

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July – September 2021

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