Where Does Drawing End?

Workshop led by Tirso Orive Liarte, Shared Studios. Three Case Studies exhibition participating artist

Drawing raises our sensitive awareness of things. Beyond the physical act of laying lines down on a surface, drawing is open to other potential dialogues. Needless to say, this broader conception includes representation on paper, but also any other form of capturing a subject or a situation: the concentrated perception of a sound, its distinction from other sounds, or the entirety of all the sounds that make up a given moment. Drawing can also be used to express an action, the verbal description of a memory, the tracing of a thought process and the transcription of an itinerary. Drawing is a practice, but the technique and the outcome are not necessarily limited to visual language.

In this workshop, a sound stimulus accompanies a changing, diverse path that lays out an itinerary. This real or imaginary itinerary has a starting point and leads all the way to the Fundació Miró. It follows paths through the physical building and ends in the exhibition spaces of Shared Studios. Three Case Studies.

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2 hours


Saturday, 4 September 2021, at 4:30 pm