Miró and the Object

This monographic exhibition is the first specific inquiry into the role of the object in the work of Joan Miró. Curated by William Jeffet, Miró and the Object looks at how the artist began with pictorial representations of objects and then moved on to physically incorporating them in his works through collage and assemblage, before finally arriving at sculpture. The exhibition narrative shows how Miró's exploration of the world of objects led him to work with different techniques and methods.
The selection includes paintings, collages, objects, ceramics, and sculptures from the Fundació Joan Miró, along with singular pieces from public and private European and American collections.
Miró and the Object sets out to show how Miró defied painting in the late twenties, and how his respect for and intense dialogue with the objects around him helped to bring about a profound transformation of the concept of art in the twentieth century.


1 hr


Exhibitions rooms


From 1 November 2015 to 15 January 2016

Maximum group size

Maximum 25 people per group (minimum 15)


Catalan and Spanish: 9 € per person (minimum 15)

English: 12 € per person (minimum 15)