In Museu 2022

Accompanied by museum experts and specialists, this visit shows the installation process of a temporary travelling exhibition. From the administration of the works to the crating, including shipping and preventative conservation, the activity provides us with a better idea of spaces that are habitually closed to the public, discovering first-hand the foundation's painting and sculpture reserve collection.

The second part of the activity offers us the possibility to visit Miró and the Bronze Sculpture, a space that demonstrates the process of bronze casting, a sculptural technique the artist used. It is possible to see preparatory objects and object sculptures, as well as maquettes, plaster models, moulds and everyday items Miró kept in his studio. These objects are essential features as we follow Joan Miró's process in creating sculptures step by step, using the lost-wax process.

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60 minutes


Painting and sculpture reserve collection of the Fundació Joan Miró and gallery 14


Saturday 5 February 2022, 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm (in Catalan) and 12 am (in Spanish).


Free admission


Reserve in advance on the website Barcelona Cultura

Visit accessible for individuals with limited mobility.