Mythical Jockey

The performance is part of the Sampler Sèries, organized by L'Auditori de Barcelona with a focus on new music.

This concert brings together three of the leading composers and improvisers on the Norwegian experimental music scene. Ingar Zach, a member of the Dans les arbres quartet, Kim Myhr, and Eivind Lønning appear in the Sampler Sèries in a new instrumental trio with electronics. The three have worked together in different formats over the years, but recently they have opted for the trio, exploring the possibilities of expanded acoustic sound and electronics.


Kim Myhr, guitar and electronics
Ingar Zach, percussion
Eivind Lønning, trumpet and electronics


Pati nord


Wednesday, june 15th at 20 h


10 €

Friends of the Fundació: 5 €


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