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Miró collected everyday objects such as kitchen utensils and other wooden tools, postcards, pottery, roots, stones, bones, pieces of wood, toys, Nativity Scene figurines and siurells (clay figurines featuring a whistle) from Mallorca, gathering them together in his studios in Mont-roig, Barcelona, Paris and Mallorca.

There are things that have a special significance for us, items for which we feel a particular affection unrelated to their financial worth or their aesthetic value. When we look at them, they remind us of a person, a moment in the past or a place. In some way, they embody a memory with which we wish to retain a connection: their presence and the possibility of picking them up, touching, smelling and caressing them keep the memory fresh. Owning them is evidence that the event we associate them with took place or that an emotional relationship was real. We invite you to use the hashtag #LlegatMiró to share on social media images of objects of special sentimental importance to you and which you would find it hard to dispose of.

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