The Political History of Flowers

Equipo Jeleton (Jesús Arpal Moya and Gelen Alcántara) presents a performative talk based on its Political History of Flowers in the Fundació Joan Miró library.

As a consequence of the climate and environmental emergency, there has been renewed interest in nature in our society, which has been based on the separation between culture and nature throughout the modern era. Since 2003, Equipo Jeleton has been working on a series of interventions in graphic, textual and musical repertoires where floral symbolism is renegotiated and re-politicised. This will form the basis of their lecture, while sharing the ideas of such singular figures as Vandana Shiva, Donna Haraway and Isabelle Stengers.

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On-site activity


1 hour


Jacques Dupin Library


Saturday 10 December 2022, at 12.00 noon




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