Participatory space. A Natural Archive

The Fundació Joan Miró's Room 14 becomes an organic, generative and participatory space during the course of the exhibition Paul Klee and the Secrets of Nature.

A corner of the museum that becomes an archive of resonances and experiences as a prologue to the exhibition itself, articulated through three propositions: a series of stimuli or games that invite participation from everyone; an installation archive of records that expands upon the public programme linked to the exhibition; and a documentation hub with referents, curiosities or echoes related to the imaginary of Paul Klee, of the Fundació Joan Miró and of nature.

'A Natural Archive' functions like an organism that grows and is nourished by all the interactions with visitors fostered by the exhibition during its lifetime and forms.

Activity in collaboration with Teresa Rubio.

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From October 21 2022 to February 12 2023, during opening hours.