Lluerna: Globalization/Deglobalization

'Forum of Creation and Thought' is an open digital magazine as well as an in-person event held in the Fundació Joan Miró auditorium. Taking Joan Miró's His majesty the king, 1974, Her majesty the queen, 1974 and His highness the prince, 1974 as the starting point for the themes of 'Opinion and Democracy', 'Deglobalisation' and 'the Reality of Europe', from the Open City Biennial of Thought 2022, the community will be able to contribute to it through a range of means of expression and reflection: literary compositions, essays, drawings, photographs, videos, audiovisuals, audio recordings, and so on. This material will be disseminated via the website and Instagram.

A selection of pieces deemed especially outstanding by the editorial board will be presented in the auditorium on 15 October. The event will end with talks with the creators in a more relaxed atmosphere that will encourage interpersonal contact and exchange. The main aim of the event is to create a space of digital and in-person expression that is capable of welcoming a range of thinkers and creators from our city. Priority will be given to articles and films in the Catalan language, with a quota of 75%.

A referent: the Cahiers du Cinéma magazine

This film magazine championed La Nouvelle vague, a very influential French art film movement. American film ceased to be the referent and the focus shifted to Buñuel and Italian, Brazilian, Japanese, Polish, Czech, Canadian and Swiss film. The magazine was the catalyst and a very effective vehicle for the articulation of thought, but cultural interests were manifold: theatre, painting or music.

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2 hours


Auditorium, Fundació Joan Miró


Saturday 15 October 2022, at 5.30 pm


Free entrance with prior reservation. The ticket includes free admission to the museum. 


Online tickets 

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