Introductions to the exhibition Imaginary Friends

The exhibition Imaginary Friends encourages visitors to tour the exhibition rooms at their own pace and to interact with the creative works by the nine artists included in the show, providing all members of the public - and especially the young ones among them - with an opportunity to discover contemporary art.

The introductions to the exhibition are intended to give an overview of this art, to get to know the nine artists participating in it and to provide tools to gain insights into contemporary creation.

The activity is suitable for everyone, including families and people with impaired vision.

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30 minutes


Temporary Exhibition Rooms


Introductions for adults:
-    Saturdays 1 and 22 April, 6 and 27 May and 10 June at 11.30 am (IN SPANISH)
-    Saturdays 15 and 29 April, 13 May and 3 and 17 June at 11.30 am (IN CATALAN)
Introductions for families:
-    Sundays 26 March and 7 May at 11.30 am (IN SPANISH)
-    Sundays 16 April, 28 May and 4 June at 11.30 am (IN CATALAN)
Introductions in Catalan Sign Language: Saturday 6 May


Free activity included in the admission charge.


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