Dat Kho (Land of sorrows) – For the Per amor a les arts

Shot on location in the early 1970s, Dat Kho (Land of sorrows) includes scenes of the actual bombing and evacuation of the city of Hue, featuring the only cinemascope footage of Vietnam taken during the war.

The film is an emotional portrayal of the love for family, culture and identity during the devastation of the Vietnam War, as told from a Vietnamese perspective. It combines real cinemascope footage of the bombing and evacuation of Hue with fictional scenes.

A film proposed by Tuan Andrew Nguyen, winner of the 8th edition of the Joan Miró Prize.

An activity organised by the Filmoteca de Catalunya as part of the Per amor a les arts film season.

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1 hour 45 minutes


Filmoteca de Catalunya


9 April 2024, 5 pm
29 May 2024, 6 pm


€3 Barcelona library cardholders, people aged over 65, young people aged up to 30, disability cardholders, individual accompanying Friends of the Filmoteca cardholders
€0 Friends of the Filmoteca cardholders


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