Thinking with Weaving

Led by Helena Laguna Bastante, this workshop posits weaving as a space for dialogue between bodies, temporalities, practices and readings. Participants will think about weaving as a way of setting the body and mind in motion and of generating a collective somatheque (an archive of practices related to the body) using gestures; and they will consider the warp, the gesture of knotting, of oscillating, of generating rhythm, of throwing back and forth and so on as methodologies for artistic practice, as well as the gesture as a potential space of correspondence between bodies.

Through this process, Helena will set out her research and practice concerning memory, the body and language, invoking their referents through the gesture and the knot.

Helena Laguna Bastante (Terrassa)
A multidisciplinary artist with a degree in fine arts, Helena Laguna Bastante focuses in her artistic research and practice on the boundaries and tensions between language and memory, weaving together a narrative through her processes of creation and her view of the various artistic disciplines as languages that can be used to generate a discourse, an essay, and paying attention to the poetics that emerge during the process. With a strong interest in writing, its limits and the potential of the body and gesture as an archive, she seeks through various processes and materials ways in which it is possible to find new means of preserving memory.


2 hours 30 minutes


Workshop Space


27 April and 4 May at 10.30 am


€18, €9 Friends of the Fundació Joan Miró


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