Guanyar-se les garrofes

Screening of the video by the collective Forever Blowing Bubbles (Bernat Daviu and Joana Roda), co-directed with Marc Roca, related to "The Land" section of the collection

In the context of Loop Festival 2016

Guanyar-se les garrofes creates a radical imaginary space around the fruit of the carob tree, a pod that over the course of history was used primarily as fodder for livestock, but also fed people during periods of famine. In times of contraband, it was also used to adulterate cocoa.

The Catalan expression "guanyar-se les garrofes"-to earn your carob pods-means to earn a living. Accordingly, the artists in the film seek their sources of inspiration in carob pods and in the precariousness they symbolize to develop a revolutionary art movement.

The project revolves around three spaces, the stages for the episodes in an imaginary world. Three meaningful, essential places for the carob artists. The first scene takes place in La Ricarda-Casa Gomis, an icon of Mediterranean rationalism designed by architect Antonio Bonet. The second scene unfolds in rural Tarragona: in Mont-Roig del Camp, home to carob trees and artists. The last scene is located in the Fundació Joan Miró, the venue for the grand banquet to be held in the carob tree courtyard on 26 May.

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Rooms of Fundació Joan Miró


From 24 May to 2 October

Opening and catering: 26 May, at 7pm


Free activity

Limited places