To do a drawing, the seed of an idea is essential

Playing with thoughts like this one, we dive into Paul Klee's work to understand the artist's process of creation: observing the environment and nature, simplifying natural shapes until they become geometric ones, composing and representing with colour.

The activity comprises an interactive tour with a practical session revolving around the five key themes of Klee's work: nature, geometry, line, texture and colour.

By observing each of these aspects, and after visiting the exhibition and reflecting on the artist's works, we will create a joint artwork out of various materials, using different techniques.

This activity is presented as a tour where, through challenge and play, we will be able to understand Klee's creative thinking a little better.


Interactive tour with a practical art session


1:30 h


From 8 Novembre 2022 to 9 February 2023

Maximum group size

Two class groups per session


Primary Education


€100 group class