In white

Among other things, the colour white is associated with peace, tranquillity and purity. Indeed, white is one of the most outstanding features of the Fundació Joan Miró building: it is the only colour of its concrete. So why not take the colour white as the starting point for a workshop on architecture, art and landscape, the three themes around which much of the Fundació Joan Miró's programming revolves?

Beyond the building, we have art; Joan Miró's rich, varied and colourful work. Not all of his works contain quite as much colour, though. In 1968, the artist created a number of works in which there is just one colour: white.

And then we have the landscape, mainly green. But is it always that colour? Not necessarily. On foggy, rainy or snowy days, it displays every tone of white.

And how do we bring these three themes together? By walking, meandering and observing the foundation building, its works and its setting. This will help us create stories in which art, architecture and landscape are the main characters, and in which white becomes (almost) the only colour present.

We will devise that story as a book, and every attendee will be able to take home the outcome of their creative endeavours.

General objectives

  • To stimulate observation and analysis of the natural and built environments.
  • To foster a knowledge of, and reflection on, Joan Miró's art.
  • To create spaces and moments of tranquillity and concentration.

Specific objectives

  • To transmit basic concepts associated with architecture, art and landscape.
  • To strengthen creativity through few materials and a lot of imagination.
  • To develop experimental techniques for story building.


Architecture and art workshop


2 h


October 2022 – June 2023

Maximum group size

Two class groups per session


Primary Education


€135 group class