Joan Miró. Fantastical Nature

A number of artists have imagined fantastical landscapes and beings. Rocks, trees and clouds sometimes have mysterious shapes. Light casts enigmatic shadows. Miró communicated with trees, they talked to him, he said 'they have a soul, a spirit, and they are not a trunk and leaves', and he drew them with eyes and ears. The rocks he came across while out walking were alive and he would add them to sculptures to give his figures life.

In the permanent collection rooms, in the foundation's courtyards with the olive, carob and almond trees, in the gardens around it, we will discover the nature that inspired Miró and we will also create imaginary landscapes and beings using some of his artistic techniques.


Plastic arts workshop


2 h


Joan Miró Collection rooms, the foundation’s courtyards, the surrounding gardens and the Espai Taller


From 11 April to 9 June 2023

Maximum group size

Two class groups per session


Suitable for pupils in primary education


135 € / group class