Season of Films - Trinta lumes

On-site activity

Alba is twelve years old and keen to discover the unknown, mysterious and fascinating aspects of death. She and her best friend, Samuel, enter abandoned homes, roam through destroyed villages and head up into the mountains where another parallel world is hidden. A journey that starts out from innocence to discover the mystery of the struggle between life and death.

Screening of the film in Galician (VOSE) and conversation with Diana Toucedo.

Diana Toucedo (Galicia, 1982)

Filmmaker and editor who lives in Barcelona. Notable among Toucedo's sixteen feature-length films that she has edited to date are the full-length documentary La noche que no acaba (All Night Long), directed by Isaki Lacuesta, El quinto evangelio de Gaspar Hauser (The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser), Bugarach and Júlia Ist. Trinta lumes, Toucedo's first feature-length film as a director, had its world premiere at the 2018 Berlin International Film Festival.

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80 minutes


Auditorium, Fundació Joan Miró


4 May at 7 pm


€4, €2 for Friends of the Foundation


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