2 + 1 = Miró

Miró in play

For great observers like you, playing 2 + 1 = Miró will be a breeze.

What will you find in this game?

  • 12 photographs of Joan Miró taken by his friend Joaquim Gomis, who immortalized powerful moments in the artist's life.
  • 6 quotes by Joan Miró in which he explains what he likes, how he works and what makes him dream.

How do you play 2 + 1 = Miró?

  • Cut out all of the photographs and texts.
  • Mix all the pictures and try to match them in pairs.
  • Try to find the quote corresponding to each pair of images you have matched.
  • When you have finished you should have six sets of two photographs and one quote each.

Miró in play is a collection of educational resources for gaining deeper understanding of Joan Miró from different perspectives: his life, oeuvre, approach to work...

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