Stories by Chance

A tribute to Gianni Rodari

Gianni Rodari was a writer famed for his understanding of fantasy, education and reading. His children's stories are well known all around the world. Turn yourself into a little Rodari and let your imagination fly!

What will you find in this game?

  • Instructions on how to play
  • 3 cut-out dice with signs used by Joan Miró
  • A dictionary of Joan Miró's signs

How do you play Stories by Chance?

This is a special game: no-one wins and no-one loses. All you have to do is let your imagination fly and combine the images that come up on the dice to create a story!

  • First of all, find the dice in the following pages. Each dice has six sides, five of which have signs that are part of Joan Miró's imagery, while the sixth one is blank so that you can draw on it a sign of your own.
  • Once you have drawn the three missing signs, cut out the dice, glue them together and begin to play!
  • At each throw, one player becomes the storyteller. They throw the three dice and make up a story featuring the three symbols that come up. Use the dictionary of signs to find out what each one represents.
  • Once they have told their story, it is the next player's turn.
  • If you want to make the game a bit more complicated, you can throw the dice two or three times to give your story more characters. You can also throw the dice at the same time as the other players and make up a story between you.

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