Temporary exhibitions

Objects and Figures

Interactive tour

An everyday object or natural element that will be given to each participating family will join us on our tour of the collection rooms and of the temporary exhibition giving us insights into Joan Miró's sculptural processes.

As we discover Miró's sculptures, we will look at the objects and talk about their properties and their shape, we will make combinations of them and we will draw them.

By the end of our tour, the everyday object will have become an artistic object with a different and surprising dimension and new and amazing connections.

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On-site activity


1 hr 15 min.


Exhibition rooms


Saturdays 27 November 2021 and 29 January 2022, at 4 pm, in Spanish

Saturdays 18 December 2021 and 26 February 2022, at 4 pm, in Catalan

Sunday 13 February 2022, at 11 am, in Spanish

Sundays 14 November 2021 and *9 January 2022, at 11 am, in Catalan

Thursday 30 December 2021, at 11 am, in Spanish

Suggested ages

6 to 12, accompanied by an adult


€7 per person
€6 Family card
€4 Friends of the Fundació


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