Joan Miró Collection

A Journey with Joan Miró. Viu Montjuïc

Interactive tour

Joan Miró's story is that of a boy fascinated by art and nature. A boy who, from a very young age, stubbornly followed a dream and ended up becoming one of the world's most renowned artists. 

During this visit, we will learn about Miró's life journey and artistic career through dialogue and drawing. To guide us, there will be texts and illustrations from the artist's biography The Long Journey of Joan Miró, written by Gemma Gallardo and illustrated by Marta Altés.

On-site activity


1 h 15 min


Joan Miró Collection Rooms


8 and 9 October 2022, 11:30 h

Activity in Catalan

Suggested ages

5 years of age and up, accompanied by an adult



Visits within the framework of Viu Montjuïc


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