Espai 13

L' objecte invisible

Family workshop

Would you like to find the objects hidden in paper? Do you enjoy making unexpected discoveries? In this blueprint workshop, participants will explore and create a world of blue-tinted images.

This activity helps us to identify and appreciate the value of the natural elements and objects around us, and to transform them into unique, surprising images. Discover the shapes, volumes, transparencies, and curious features of the objects that fascinated Miró, and use the cyanotype technique to capture them as blueprints on paper. Participants will make their own still lifes out of the various elements provided or found.

Saturday 7 and 14 May at 11 am

In catalan

Designed and led by CliCme·PetitesExperiènciesFotogràfiques


2 hrs


Exhibition rooms and Espai Taller


December 2015 and January 2016


General admission 5 € / person
Familimiró: 4 € / person
Friends of the Fundació: 2.5 €


Online tickets

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