Joan Miró Collection

Carrer del Mar

Theatre of objects

Genovesa, Narratives Teatrals

At Carrer del Mar there are no traffic lights, people stop when they want to. The street runs between the thin line of the water and a row of houses with the taste of sun, sky and salt. At Carrer del Mar, seven-hundred-and-thirty stories a year are told, two a day. Always the same seven-hundred-and-thirty stories, but never identical.

Carrer del Mar is a place where we can wander around and discover thousands of seaside stories.

Sundays 4 and 11 December, 12 noon.

Sunday 11: sign language interpretation

in catalan


50 min


Fundació Auditorium


December 2016

Suggested ages

For children of 4 and over


7 € per person

6 € Familimiró

3.5 € Friends of the Fundació


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