Joan Miró Collection



Cia. La Bleda

We all have superpowers. Sometimes they're very difficult to find, but they always come up when we need them. La Bleda has the power of an ant because she can lift seven-times the weight of an ant; she has the power to disappear because when she shuts her eyes you can't see her; and she can save anyone by just saying 'One-two-three, you're saved'. But when a 'real' problem or a 'real' need comes up, she has the greatest superpower of all: imagination.

Sundays 5, 12, 19, 26 February, 12 noon

Sunday 26 with sign language

in catalan


50 min


Fundació Auditorium


February 2017

Suggested ages

Recommended age: From 4 years


7 € per person

6 € Familimiró

3.5 € Friends of the Fundació


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