Espai 13

Familimiró presentation

Family workshops


Do you want to become a space explorer? Create a constellation and invent its story. You can leave your imprint on our astronomical chart and take your own bit of sky home with you.

Taped Boxes

Using cardboard and adhesive tape, we will make constructions that will turn into robots, a shed where we can hide, a treasure trove, a building, a sculpture... Afterwards we will put them all together to create a big installation of volumes and colour.

Vinils invasors

With basic elements such as triangles, circles and other geometric figures, we will create a design for a vinyl composition that will later become part of a large collaborative mural. Then we will take home a few things for decorating our bedroom and creating a different, imaginative and unique environment.

With El Culturista i Nicapnipeus, Plom Gallery i Clàudia Valsells i Chispum


Fundació Joan Miró


9 October 2016, 11 am to 1.30 pm

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