Nature and Fantasy

“When I look at a tree, I feel struck by a strong emotion, as though it were something breathing, speaking.” Joan Miró

Joan Miró felt a connection with his environment. He created from nature and gave souls to rocks, trees and sculptures. He conjured up a world of fantastic characters and gave it back to landscape. Discover the vibrant nature around you and in the Fundació's exhibition rooms and create your own fantastic creatures.

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At Home

Contemplating and understanding nature was a source of inspiration for Joan Miró. Whether you visit us online or decide to come to the museum, the Fundació Joan Miró’s website offers you many resources for exploring Joan Miró’s communion with nature.

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On Your Way

Joan Miró had a one-on-one relationship with nature: he humanized it. As you wander around Montjuïc, look at the trees, the plants, the flowers, and the rocks along the way. Draw up a map of the living nature on the hill with the location of each one of these inhabitants.

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At the Fundació Joan Miró

Take a photograph of the parts of the olive tree or the carob which, like Miró, you find most striking. Next, explore the Fundació’s exhibition spaces, look for natural elements in the sculptures and photograph them. When you are back home, you can draw or print the fragments you have captured, combining them as Miró would do to create new characters.

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