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Nature and Fantasy

“The joy of learning to understand a tiny blade of grass in a landscape. Why disregard it? A blade of grass is as fascinating as a tree or a mountain.” Joan Miró

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Contemplating and understanding nature was a source of inspiration for Joan Miró. The artist often sought refuge in "the absoluteness of nature." Its rhythms and materials shaped his art. In his work, he stated, "everything happens on its own, like the rhythm of nature," and using the materials it had to offer, "things found by chance, scraps of iron, stones (...)" were "that magic spark, what really matters in art" for Miró.

Whether you visit us online or decide to come to the museum, the Fundació Joan Miró's website offers you many resources for exploring Joan Miró's communion with nature. You will find its mark in the artist's close to 700 drawings and sketches which you can explore in the Fundació's online catalogue. Discover how he assembled elements from nature in his roughly 200 sculptures and ceramic pieces from the museum's holdings which you can view on the website.

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