At the Fundació Joan Miró

Nature and Fantasy

“May my sculptures be confused with the elements of nature, trees, rocks, roots, mountains, plants, flowers [...] now and then take my sculptures outdoors so that they blend into the landscape.” Joan Miró

By the main entrance to the Fundació Joan Miró, the almond tree and Personage (1970) welcome visitors to the museum. They both share a close connection: the artist developed the idea for the sculpture from a pebble and an almond shell. Contemplating and understanding nature allows for a creative transformation of what we find in our surroundings.

An olive tree and a carob tree stand in the inner courtyards of the Fundació Joan Miró; sculptures of other personages are on display in the permanent collection rooms. Take a photograph of the parts of the olive tree or the carob which, like Miró, you find most striking. Next, explore the Fundació's exhibition spaces, look for natural elements in the sculptures and photograph them. When you are back home, you can draw or print the fragments you have captured, combining them as Miró would do to create new characters.

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