The Art of Walking

“When I go on a walk, I see things that catch my eye and I pick them up. I'm "drawn" to the look of one thing or another that may seem insignificant, but, in some way, tells me that it loves me.” Joan Miró

Joan Miró would go on long walks to find inspiration and collect objects from nature that he could use as points of departure for his works. How can you go to the Fundació from your home? Create a visual account describing the route from your doorstep to the Fundació Joan Miró.

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At Home

One of the paintings on display at the Fundació Joan Miró is The diamond smiles at twilight (1947), in which a maze-like grid marks various paths on the canvas. The walks we take in our neighbourhood or in our city lay out a pattern of footsteps that outlines and traces our everyday lives.

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On Your Way

Choose one of the paths through Montjuïc to wander up to the Fundació Joan Miró. During your walk, take photographs of ten natural elements or spaces that you find particularly interesting, be it for their light, their colour, or just because they catch your eye. The resulting photo-narrative will be a chronicle of your outing.

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At the Fundació Joan Miró

Wander through the Fundació Joan Miró’s spaces and explore the natural, real, or depicted elements you find. Pay attention to the paintings, the sculptures, but also to the terraces, the skylights, the courtyards, the windows... Put together a photo sequence following the order of your discoveries, and turn the images into an account of your visit.

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