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The Art of Walking

Explore Your Surroundings

One of the paintings on display at the Fundació Joan Miró is The diamond smiles at twilight (1947), in which a maze-like grid marks various paths on the canvas. The walks we take in our neighbourhood or in our city lay out a pattern of footsteps that outlines and traces our everyday lives.

Choose one of these four itineraries in your neighbourhood:

  • From your home to a shop
  • From your home to school
  • From your home to a square
  • From your home to a friend or relative's house

Imagine that you can't go there directly, and have to take a roundabout route, as though your destination were at the centre of a labyrinth. Using your cell phone, take pictures of plants, trees and all sorts of other natural and artificial elements that draw your attention along the way. Take a photograph of your destination as well. If you wish, you can sketch a simple map of your route and share it with us.

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