On Your Way

The Art of Walking

“I would walk in the countryside and before I had even clearly focused on something, I would bite it, like an insect. I would pick it up and place it next to another one that I had found in exactly the same way... using my antennae.” Joan Miró

Come to the Fundació

Use a geolocation app to see the different routes you can take to get to the Fundació Joan Miró from your home. You will find out how far away it is and what your options are for getting there (on foot, public transport, by car).

Print out your route and turn it into a drawing. You can trace more than one itinerary on it and then choose one. There will always be a point of departure (your home address) and a destination (the Fundació Joan Miró).

The hill of Montjuïc is one of the two park areas surrounding Barcelona; the other is the Collserola mountain range. Located at the south of the city, in an outstanding location overlooking the sea and rich in natural beauty, Montjuïc is steeped in history and marked by paths that invite us to observe and learn about memory and nature. 

Choose one of the paths through Montjuïc to wander up to the Fundació Joan Miró. During your walk, take photographs of ten natural elements or spaces that you find particularly interesting, be it for their light, their colour, or just because they catch your eye. Look at them closely; focus on the details. Organize the pictures following the sequence of your itinerary. The resulting photo-narrative will be a chronicle of your outing.

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