Vital consciousness. Nidra and gongs by Prem Tara Gong & Gong Spirit Project

On-site activity

In The gold of the azure, an intense acid yellow occupies the surface of the canvas and surrounds a large mass of small, twisted blue filaments. The same blue as the one in compositions by Rimbaud, Mallarmé, Rubén Darío and so many other poets. The blue of magic and the absolute. Here, the signs of the 1940s' Miró are still valid: stars, planets and figures that seem to dance around the blue while embracing it. A fine brushstroke marks the horizon, like a Mironian bird on a determined trajectory. There is an inscription on the back: 'La première étincelle du jour' (The first spark of the day), which reinforces the idea of this being a vital, inspiring and positive work. A work that also refers to the communion between man and nature, between the earth and the absolute.

The yoga practice will consist of a visit to contemplate this work, and a Nidra and gongs meditation session led by Prem Tara Gong & Gong Spirit Project.

Gong bath. Being immersed in the sound of the gong allows the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to become harmonised. This practice can foster vital consciousness, the life-force energy that we also find in Miró's vitalist work, which also favours the recovery of inner peace by stopping time. The gong's vibration reaches every cell in the body and transports you to a state of consciousness and deep meditation.

Yoga Nidra literally means yogic sleep. It is an ancient technique in which the practitioner enters the deep states of conscious relaxation. It is a systematic practice of moving consciousness from our outer world to the inner world.

Prem Tara Gong & Gong Spirit Project are three sound therapists trained in the Way of the Gong by Vikrampal, who expanded their training with teachers such as Don Conreaux, Tom Soltron and Abby Delsol. All three combine expertise from different yoga disciplines (Kundalini, Nidra, Kriya, Unnata aerial yoga, yoga for pregnant women) and therapeutic disciplines such as Gestalt or Reiki.

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1 hour 30 minutes


Room 9


1 and 2 December 2022, from 6 to 7 pm


12 € per session, 10 € Friends of the Fundació Joan Miró

Capacity: 20 people

Supporting material

Participants must bring a yoga mat and a light blanket. They may also bring a pillow if they wish.

Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing.


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