Joan Miró Collection

The Fundació Joan Miró is a remarkable space created by Joan Miró himself with the idea of making art accessible to all.

The collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and works on paper displayed at the Fundació is one of the most comprehensive selections of Miró’s oeuvre, offering a thorough overview of all the stages of his life and career. Eight distinct but interconnected sections allow visitors to explore all aspects of the work and personal language of one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century: "The Land"; "Beyond Painting"; "Violence", "Escape"; "Anonymity"; "Poetry and Silence"; "Anti-Painting"; "Sobreteixims", and "Art and Everyday Life" illustrate the key concepts in Miró’s thinking and his oeuvre, and show his desire to transcend conventional painting.

The paintings related to Surrealism and the works based on the Spanish Civil War are particularly noteworthy due to their artistic and poetic significance. Other important pieces include the large canvases Miró produced from the late seventies onwards, which are characterised by large fields of colour and free gesture.

The works that currently form part of the Joan Miró collection, many were donated by the artist in 1975, while others were donations or long-term loans made by his wife Pilar Juncosa, Joan Prats, various members of the Miró family, Kazumasa Katsuta, and other public and private collections.

Woman encircled by a flight of birds in the night, 1968
Man and woman in the night, 1969