Quadern 3615. 11 accions artístiques a partir de Joan Miró


  • When
    11 May 2016, 7 pm
  • Where
    Jacques Dupin Library, Fundació Joan Miró

The Fundació Joan Miró is hosting the presentation of the publication Quadern 3615. 11 accions artístiques a partir de Joan Miró.

Quadern 3615 is an action book promoted by the Fundació Joan Miró and published by Cuscusian*s through a process of co-creation which has harnessed the contributions of more than twenty people from different collectives. The book proposes eleven artistic actions based on the work of Miró, with the aim of familiarising readers with the artist’s creative processes and, in turn, stimulating their creativity. Quadern 3615 will be available for the next academic year in all Teaching Resources Centres of Catalonia as a supplementary educational tool for primary and secondary school. Noemí Tomàs, a member of the Foundation’s Education Department, Teresa Martí, director of the Jacques Dupin Library, and Lluís Sabadell, founder of the publishing house Cuscusian*s, will take part in the presentation, due to be held in the Jacques Dupin Library at the Fundació Joan Miró on Wednesday, 11 May 2016, at 7 pm.