Our Own Path Remains

  • Exhibition
    Our Own Path Remains
  • Artist
    Fito Conesa
  • Dates
    21.9 - 4.11.2018
  • Curator
    Pilar Cruz

Fito Conesa will be opening the Espai 13 exhibition series for the 2018-19 season at the Fundació Joan Miró.

Using composer Arvo Pärt as his point of departure, the artist considers the notion of crisis as an opportunity for reinvention and as a path for generating knowledge.

In Our Own Path Remains, Conesa presents a composition of his own influenced by Pärt and builds an architectural structure for appreciating the piece, turning Espai 13 into a chapel for transcendent listening.

Played by the Portuguese musician Miguel Leiria, the piece at Espai 13 is accompanied by a choral track produced with the Cor Jove de l’Orfeó Català, directed by Esteve Nabona, in a joint effort to give a voice to Conesa’s composition.

A Monster Who Tells the Truth is the Espai 13 exhibition series held at the Fundació Joan Miró during the 2018-19 season, produced with support from the Fundació Banc Sabadell. Curated by Pilar Cruz, the project questions the nature of disciplines and inquires into the relationships between knowledge and power.


Our Own Path Remains