Project of preventive conservation in situ of the Tapestry of the Foundation

The Tapestry of the Fundació Joan Miró changes its iconic presentation

For the first time in forty years, visitors will be able to observe the back of the Tapestry and, in so doing, discover the material dimension of the work, as well as relevant details of its creation process. From 26 March - 12 May, the Tapestry will be hung at a distance of two metres from the wall, creating a corridor that will allow the fulfilment of one of Joan Miró’s wishes for this work: to go beyond mere contemplation by circling around it as if it were a sculptural object. This unique opportunity will mark the end of the preventive conservation tasks carried out by the Foundation’s Restoration Department in the same space where the Tapestry is exhibited and which were performed in public during February and March. Conducted as a specific project of the Foundation team in collaboration with Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, the operation is part of the institution’s mission to enhance the relationship between art and its presentation by inviting the public to participate in the daily life of the museum.