2020 programme of exhibitions and activities

The Fundació Joan Miró presents its exhibition and activities programming for 2020

This year’s programming has a special focus on the ability of the arts to drive social change and on the museum’s aim to effect transformation. With this purpose in mind, the programming for 2020 spans a broad range of contents, forms of representation and opportunities for relationships, all intended to be in touch with reality and relevant to people’s lives.

At the centre of this programming, Indian artist Nalini Malani (Karachi, 1946), the winner of the 2019 Joan Miró Prize granted by Fundació Joan Miró and "la Caixa", presents the exhibition You Don’t Hear Me, a selection of works from her entire career, in which feminist thought and the condemnation of violence are ever-present. As regards the permanent collection, the Fundació Joan Miró showcases its unique holdings of works on paper in a project in which the artist Antoni Llena allows himself to be guided by emotion and selects the Miró with which he feels the greatest affinity. The result is Miró: Antoni Llena Constellation, an exceptional wall installation in which Llena presents Miró’s entire trajectory in one single room. The more than 8,000 sketches by Miró held in the Fundació’s archive of works on paper, and the fact that the artist continued to practice the gesture of drawing throughout his entire life, are proof of the bond that Miró’s output had with reality and of his urge to capture it. The persistence of the quest for representation in art today is examined in two of the exhibition projects for 2020. In the autumn, artist and sculptor David Bestué will be curating The Point of Sculpture, sponsored exclusively by the BBVA Foundation, a personal vision of the evolution of this discipline as well as a testimony to the fascination that traditional sculpture continues to exert on contemporary artists

Espai 13 will be hosting the series The Humour of Things (temporary title) curated by the artist Pere Llobera (Barcelona, 1970). With support from Fundació Banc Sabadell, the exhibition program reflects on the current state of the practice of painting within emerging art and inquires about the permanence of the need to create images by painting and drawing.In the audio-visual sphere, this autumn the Taiwanese video artist Musquiqui Chihying, the winner of the second edition of the Han Nefkens Foundation-Loop Barcelona Video Art Award, presents the piece he produced with the funding from the prize.

The Fundació continues to raise awareness of Miró’s work with the second Universe Miró exhibition, a project that will continue its journey through Spanish embassies during 2020 as part of a collaboration between the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Abertis. On a different note, the exhibition Éluard, Cramer, Miró ­- "À toute épreuve", More than a Book, on display at the Fundació in 2017, will be shown in Montricher (Switzerland) during 2020. The Foundation Jan Michalski, a renowned institution for writing and literature, will host this project, based on a volume which is considered one of the most beautiful and striking artist’s books of the twentieth century.

This year, the Fundació is offering public and educational programming related to both its permanent collection and its temporary exhibition projects with the aim of eliciting a meaningful experience and a live connection with art. Programming includes ongoing and one-off events intended for schools, families, the general public and local residents, as well as physical and virtual spaces for all these audiences. Thanks to the support received from the "la Caixa" Art for Change program, this year the Fundació Joan Miró is producing ssssoundssss, a collaborative project with the users of Asproseat’s two occupational centres for people with intellectual disabilities designed by the artist Laura Llaneli.