Views. Photographs by Juande Jarillo

The Fundació Joan Miró presents the photography exhibition Views, by Juande Jarillo

From 2006 to 2009, in the period just before and after the global financial crisis, Juande Jarillo (Granada, 1969) spent his free time in search of human agglomerations and instants of encounter involving people in the city of Barcelona. With a tripod, much discretion and an unhurried pace, Jarillo placed his camera in different points of the city centre, waiting for the exact moment a formal coincidence might occur, a play of gazes and reflexes, a composition of figures or urban artefacts. In his images, Jarillo fixed moments that set themselves apart from the constant flow of movement, capturing virtually undetectable textures, light and vectors as they intersected in the urban landscape.

Views is a selection of nine photographs from that period, chosen for the Foyer gallery of the Fundació Joan Miró in dialogue with David Bestué, curator of the exhibition The Point of Sculpture, and Martina Millà, head of exhibitions of the Fundació. Juande Jarillo is also present in the David Bestué exhibition with a photograph from 2008, taken in Madrid. With this exhibitive coincidence, the project accentuates a body of photographic research that is unusual to find in the city. It continues, in turn, to emphasise hybrid professional profiles in line with the guiding theme of this Fundació Joan Miró programme, conceived in homage to the legacy of Joaquim Gomis, an expert amateur photographer who served as the Fundació’s first president.