We Will Keep Each Other Company When It Gets Dark

  • Exhibition program: We will keep each other company when it grows dark
  • Dates: 02/02/2024 - 19/01/2025
  • Place: Espai 13
  • Curated by: Irina Mutt

Interdependence speaks to us of our relationship with the world, of how we inhabit it,
about our limits and vulnerabilities. Thinking about interdependence requires us to
challenge the fiction of autonomy and to recognise how interlinked our bodies and
lives are with other bodies and lives. We are all part of everything and we exist in
relation to other beings, structures and phenomena. Nothing presents itself, functions
or operates in isolation.

Accordingly, the opportunities for agency, presence and access do not consist so
much of individual triumphs or failures as of a collective and shared responsibility.
Not every space issues an invitation to be occupied in the same way by everyone.
Not all voices occupy the same space, nor do all stories endure the same across
time. This season offers a few notes, indications and actions about different ways of
occupying and being in the space, of lasting in time.